‘Feeling The Rhythm’ Single 2018

Feeling the Rhythm- Lead single off album ‘Kingdom Come’ 2018

From the papers I sign with that pen in my hand, to the words that I speak just because I can. To the moves I make in and out of every day makes me the only one who can pave the way………. Verse 3

‘Feeling The Rhythm’ lead single from FLASKAS is a refined yet powerful anthem. A real tribute to the simple principals of cause and effect playing out within ones life. Between the infectious groove and floating melody hook there is a sense of substance in the motivating and deep lyrics shining the light on the power we as humans hold in our ability to choose… our freewill.

The Movement has begun… Flaskas are here…. Stay tunned in for their next step…

Feeling the Rhythm will be available for purchase from all reputable online retail stores.


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