AFTERGLOW is coming !!!

After the release of ‘Feeling the Rhythm’ debut single from FLASKAS on April 11th, 2018 what’s next?? We are all warmed up now and hungry for our next feed of infectious Earth Rock tunes!!! Well rumours have it that FLASKAS now prepares to release AFTERGLOW lead single #2 to prep us all for the full release of KINGDOM COME the album on August 11th.


Afterglow births the notions of thought within oneself saying “we can do it” This groovy, funked out coastal reggae tune blasts glimpses of truth & hope within ones existence motivating the listener to grasp hold of life, take the reins and create from a space of truth & balance… “we are the master of our fate we are the captain of our soul”. Most of all this is FLASKAS bright n shiny a song you can move to, sing along to and whack on anytime of the day its just that catchy and easy to consume. Featuring the brilliant work of guests Damian Khoury (Bearfoot) on keys & Kate Gadenne-parsons Backing Vocals (Dubarray) this well formulated story bought together in the art of flow at Heliport studios is one not to be missed.

The Movement has begun… Flaskas are here…. Stay tunned in for their next step…

 Afterglow will be available for purchase from all reputable online retail stores.

Be True to oneself that’s all I ask of you- AFTERGLOW