Kingdom Come

Release Date: 2018-08-11
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Over one year in the making, endless sweat shed in the jam space mapping the tracks, to finally laying down them down in the studio,  ‘Kindgom Come’ the debut album from FLASKAS is not far away from being in your hands. Considering that the salt filled boys from the Sunshine coast, Qld only joined forces on December 31st, 2016 its fair to say that this is a pretty big effort from all parties involved.

In a fast and thriving technology driven & digital world Kingdom Come begun in quite the opposite way. FLASKAS had the vision to go back to the basics, to only capture what they could produce on the day and on the spot, to create the magic in the moment as one therefore tracking live to tape the good old way. Under the strict guidance of James Russell- head producer of Heliport studios in Buderim, QLD, the weaving begun. Kingdom Come was tracked on a Studier A827, 24track first generation to tape at 30 IPS. Wood was a reoccurring theme in this project bringing forth the curious element of Chris Playing for the first time ever his home made strata castor copy electric guitar built from the ground up. Mixing the authenticity of the guitar with his vintage custom handmade ‘Sleepwalker amp’, hand made BHD Didgeridoo, Jaspers Custom bass guitar handmade in Italy all with clear lacquer finish’s & finally Duncan’s DW eco drum kit which is full maple with a bamboo finish made for an album full of organic earthy vibrant tones.

Inspired by the movement of one of the worlds most famous studios “Spin City’ FLASKAS got a modern introduction to raw unfiltered tracking at its best. The result, a debut album that rings true to the character of their masterful playing, philosophical outlook & magnetic connection as a band on and off the stage. Kingdom Come has something to offer everyone’s musical palate splicing popular genres such as Blues, Roots, Folk, Reggae and Rock. Dates to remember are: April 11th being the release of lead single #1- Feeling The Rhythm, June 11th being the release of lead single # 2- Afterglow then the full album release on August 11th, 2018 followed by an extensive tour to celebrate.

Kingdom Come is a tribute to the millions of creative souls ever-seeking a higher perspective. The purpose of this album is to enlighten, motivate and trigger the pathways of connecting to the truth of our existence glorifying the power we as humans hold in our ability to choose… our freewill.